Skylights typically are constructed with either acrylic or glass, and the choice you make depends on several factors, including climate, location within the home and pricing. Acrylic glazing for skylights is less expensive than glass glazing. Glass glazing is more durable than acrylic glazing because it will not scratch, discolor or warp.



Skylights can make a noteworthy commitment to vitality, productivity, and comfort and can be introduced in both existing and new homes. They are a phenomenal wellspring of normal light; they can concede in excess of threefold the amount of light as a vertical window of a similar size, dispersing it uniformly, sparing vitality, and enhancing your visual solace levels.

Skylights can likewise expand the enhancement of inward spaces that may somehow or another require supplementary simulated lighting or ventilation, for example, austere rooms. They permit extra adaptability in building an outline. Indeed, even under cloudy conditions, the utilization of sky-facing windows can guarantee spaces are transcendentally lit by common light, with practically no supplementary, unnatural lighting required.


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